Learning Beyond Borders, Leading Beyond Limits
Fostering Skills and Innovative Thinking in Middle & High School Students
DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL PROGRAMS that broaden worldviews, promote multiculturalism and show what business and academics looks like beyond a student’s home country’s borders
ENGAGING HACKATHONS that allow students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit as they compete with others to develop original business ideas using innovative technologies
EDUCATIONAL BOOTCAMPS that focus on critical skills in the business world that often get overlooked, such as public speaking, presentational communication, and team collaboration
Camp in the USA
Exploring the American Dream in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Our 2024 Triangle Camp is an immersive adventure for young learners seeking to explore the United States while acquiring essential skills in the business world. Join us to learn from successful entrepreneurs as you explore how to turn your own ideas into actual business ventures.

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Latin American Horizons
Unleash the Spirit of Latin America in Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay

Our Camp in LATAM offers a captivating journey through the vibrant landscapes and cultures of Latin America. This experience is designed to push students to redefine their understanding of success, and broaden their scope beyond their borders as they explore la Cultura Latina.

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Camp in Europe
Embrace your inner innovator

A 12-day program July 8 - 19, 2024 for teens with a focus on university and entrepreneurship in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bochum and 2 days in Amsterdam.
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Our core values


People learn in different ways. We work with students as they learn how to take a more active role in their education


Success today requires strong leadership skills. Our goal is to help students develop versatile skill sets so they are better prepared to march forward in the ever-changing professional world


The world is changing, and no one culture is an island. With our initiatives connecting students from across the globe, students will gain critical skills in intercultural collaboration as they expand their worldview

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For students 12-18 years old

July 22 - August 2, 2024

8 Universities + 8 Business Meetings



For students 13-19 years old


3 unique countries and never ends experience

Germany - Holland
For students 12-18 years old

July 8-19, 2024

🌍 Experience the European vibes and collaborate with amazing people to create incredible things!

Our mission
Triangle Academy empowers students with the essential tools to become leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators with a strong focus on building a better world. Our programs promote student development in key areas such as leadership, goal-achievement, academic ownership, teamwork and multiculturalism. As students develop in these areas, they emerge as independent thinkers who demonstrate greater responsibility not only for their own actions but also for leading the future with passion and purpose.
Student Benefits
  • 1
    Students acquire versatile academic skills such as professional writing, creating useful study practices, thinking creatively, and developing their own efficient style of taking notes. All of this is to promote student confidence and ownership in their own academic journey!
  • 2
    While the skills that students learn will certainly help them in the classroom and in the professional world, they are widely applicable. Developing skills in interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, time management, self-awareness, and goal achievement all contribute to the student’s ability to excel in all aspects in life.
  • 3
    Triangle Academy believes that there is a leader in all of us. We aim to tap into these leadership qualities in our students. Through our many programs, we allow students to leverage their strengths, while also stepping out of their comfort zone to grow in other areas as they discover what kind of leader they strive to be.
  • 4
    We inspire students to overcome personal barriers, embrace calculated risks, and nurture self-confidence. Self-awareness is their foundation for envisioning a brighter future and forging unique paths. Self-empowerment unlocks our students’ potential, paving the way for their future triumphs.

  • 5
    At our core, we're on a mission of character development. We mentor students to align their actions with values, embrace learning from mistakes, communicate honestly, seize opportunities, pursue dreams with unwavering determination, take ownership of choices, adapt, and strive for their best lives.
  • 6
    We firmly believe that effective learning should be enjoyable and memorable. Our approach combines research-based methods with the excitement of travel to create a dynamic and engaging educational experience. Whether exploring the rich history of the United States or immersing in international cultures, we ensure that learning is filled with fun and adventure. Effective learning should be enjoyable. At TA, we employ research-based methods to foster a lively and engaging educational atmosphere.

What they say about us?

  • Neil Shah
    Watch the review on Instagram
    Through this camp we've met so many mentors in different cities. We’ve met everyone from the fashion industry, to hard tech, to gene editing. We’ve met so many different people and it has been very eye opening for me to new industries that I had no idea existed.
    Overall, I’ve learned a specific new skill from every single entrepreneur and mentor that we met, and it will definitely help me with my own startup and hopefully any future business ventures I have.

  • Ria
    Watch the review on Instagram
    It is a great honor to be a part of the Triangle Camp! I love meeting friends from all over the world.
  • Max and Anna Zaharov
    Watch the review on Instagram
    I liked the colleges, of course, and the opportunities of meeting different investors and me learning about their life’s dream in progress. It was a very inspiring experience and I liked it a lot.
    I loved how we got to ask questions and have an actual conversation, rather than having a lecture… A conversation is way better than a couple YouTube videos and a class in school, because you can ask more specific questions and get a detailed answer back.

Our core team
  • Ivan Shamaev
    Founder & CEO
    Ivan enjoys rolling up his sleeves to ideate, design, and build scalable, game-changing products. He is a self-starter with a creative and enthusiastic mindset. Problem-solving and business growth are his passions. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance and considers himself a life-long learner. For more than 10 years, he has organized educational programs and hackathons for young leaders in the USA, Italy, and the CIS countries.
  • Jhosep Delgado
    Founder & Educational Director
    Jhosep loves working with the youth, creating international education opportunities that transform their lives. He shares the gift of travel, discovery, and intercultural education with students. He has developed his business acumen in South America, North America, and Europe. He has served various companies from Walt Disney World to educational institutions, including the Pennsylvania State System, NC State, UNC at Chapel Hill, and the renowned German Postal Service, a logistics company in Germany.
  • Dane Wagner

    Founder & Community Director

    Dane has many years of experience as a Student Affairs professional working at institutions such as the prestigious Stanford University and Western Carolina University. Before that, he used to teach karate to students of all ages at the Hickory Academy of Martial Arts. Needless to say, Dane is well connected to the student experience and loves being a resource for young leaders chasing their dreams!

Our contacts
800 Park Offices Dr, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709